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Imagine you are working and your child gets sick at school. Usually, this means a day lost from work.

But this is not necessarily true for hundreds of school children in Montgomery County, where the “doctor’s office” is located on the school campus, just steps away from the classroom door.

This sensible, convenient and valuable access to health care is a reality in two Montgomery County Schools. The two School Health Centers provide on-site medical care that is open to any child in the Montgomery County School System.

The centers provide physical, mental, nutritional, and health and wellness interventions that are available to all children even in the most rural sections of the county. Prior permission is required from the parents or legal guardian of any child seen in the center. A patient service representative, on-site registered nurse and a family nurse practitioner provide care for thousands of children each year.

You are invited to visit one or both of these centers at the following locations to see health, wellness, learning and easy access to care for children working together to meet FirstHealth’s core purpose— to care for people—as a hospital without walls.

Montgomery County School Health Center, East
1834 S US 220 Alt. Hwy
Biscoe, NC 27209
Phone: (910) 428-9392
Fax: (910) 428-1861

Montgomery County School Health Center, West
129 NC Hwy 109 S
Mt Gilead, NC 27306
Phone: (910) 572-1979
Fax: (910) 572-1961

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