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Cardiac Rehab

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to helping patients with heart disease adopt a healthier lifestyle. The program includes education, counseling and exercise in a friendly environment. Participants who attend regular classes develop a camaraderie that is supportive and helps the healing process.

A program is designed by the FirstHealth Cardiac Rehab team to meet the patients’ specific needs and goals for promoting cardiovascular health. Cardiac Rehab patients have had a history of:

The FirstHealth Cardiac Rehab Team offers two programs, both designed to fit your individual needs.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is prescribed by your physician and may be recommended for up to 12 weeks. With committed participation, patients can achieve improved fitness level and quality of life.

The Bridge to Wellness Program, a program for prevention and progression, is designed for graduates of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program or those who do not require cardiac rehabilitation, but could benefit from the professional guidance of learning to exercise safely.

For more information contact:
FirstHealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Program – Pinehurst
(910) 715-1886

FirstHealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Program – Richmond
(910) 410-9542

Or call toll free (888) 504-3488.

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