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Mac Bartee
When Mac Bartee learned he had prostate cancer he took the time to research treatment options. After careful consideration, Mac decided on high dose rate brachytherapy radiation treatment. So, Mac packed his bags and made the trip from Louisiana to Pinehurst, North Carolina – choosing to have treatment at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital.  Cancer free for four years, Mac knows he made the right choice.

Patti Friedman
In January 2007, Patti Freidman was diagnosed with breast cancer. The vivacious, energetic wife and mother of two had never considered herself a likely candidate for breast cancer. There was no family history, she ate right and exercised, and she was only 47 years old. But cancer follows its own path. So Patti began her new journey, choosing to fight the disease with everything she had. She experienced every aspect of cancer care from surgery to participating in a clinical trial. Feeling confident and comfortable with her Oncology Team at Moore Regional Hospital, Patti chose to stay close to home and would do the same today if given a choice.
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