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Scheduling Surgery and What to Expect

Ray Washington, M.D.Bariatric surgery is usually performed two to six months after the prospective patient attends an information session with a bariatric surgeon. These sessions are held regularly and are designed to introduce the patient to the bariatric procedures as well as the Bariatric Center at Moore Regional Hospital and Pinehurst Surgical.

All prospective bariatric surgery patients are required to attend an information session prior to surgery. They are also required to be evaluated by a bariatric dietitian and a FirstHealth mental health provider, as well as undergo tests to look inside their stomach to make sure they do not have conditions, such as ulcer, that may delay bariatric surgery.

The surgical procedure is only one component of the unique bariatric surgery program at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. Nutritional and behavioral counseling, both before and after surgery, are also important features of the program. A unique nutrition hotline and an online support group are also available.

The bariatric patient navigator is also a registered dietitian, who specializes in working with bariatric surgery patients, counsels each patient about diet concerns before and after surgery, and works with patients to create a diet plan especially for them. The dietitian sees bariatric patients at two weeks, three months, six months and one year after their surgery, and also coordinates the bi-monthly Bariatric Support Group. Surrounded by people who understand and have similar goals, group participants get up-to-date weight-loss information and have the opportunity to discuss personal issues associated with bariatric surgery.

The behavioral component of the bariatric program begins long before surgery as bariatric candidates are carefully evaluated to determine if they are appropriate for the procedure. The evaluation process ensures that each candidate understands the procedure and possible risks, and that he or she has realistic expectations of what will happen after the surgery.

Free Weight-loss Surgery Information Sessions are held on the first Thursday and the third Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Shadowlawn Room at Clara McLean House, 20 FirstVillage Drive, FirstVillage Campus, Pinehurst. For more information call (800) 213-3284 toll-free.

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