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Advance Directives

Advance Care Planning Choices: Make them yours, and make them known.
An advance directive gives your family direction on what medical care you want or don't want if you can't communicate. An advance directive gives you the chance to write out your wishes.

The time to think about and communicate your advance care planning wishes is while you and your loved ones are able to discuss your choices – in the comfort of a living room rather than the stress of a hospital.

Why are Advance Directives important to you?
At any age, accidents can happen or health can deteriorate and you can find yourself in a health crisis. The only way to make sure that your health care choices are respected when you are unable to speak for yourself is with legal documents referred to as Advance Directives.

In the event that you cannot speak for yourself, Advance Directives act as a guide for family, friends, and medical staff. They can prevent family arguments, reduce moral distress on loved ones and spare those close to you the anxiety of having to guess what you would have wanted.

Advance Directives are planning documents that legally ensure your wishes are carried out and prevent courts from obtaining decision-making authority. They allow you to avoid medical treatments you don’t want and to help you articulate what you do want, giving greater peace of mind.


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