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Steps to complete your Advance Directives

  1. Use official North Carolina forms or work with your attorney for special instructions. NC forms are available at hospitals, doctor’s offices, churches, or by going online to
  2. Carefully read over the forms. Discuss the issues with family, friends, medical providers, clergy, etc.
  3. Complete the forms to make your personal wishes known.
  4. Sign the forms in front of two witnesses and a notary.
  5. Share your decisions – discuss your decisions especially with your designated Health Care Power of Attorney or proxy.
  6. Provide copies to your doctors, family members, and friends. Place a copy in the glove box of your car. Keep the original in a safe place.
  7. Send a copy to the hospital. Even if you are not a patient, the hospital will create a file for you so that your Advance Directives are readily accessible should the need arise. Please use the following cover sheet when faxing your advance directives to FirstHealthAcrobat PDF.
  8. Periodically review your Advance Directives and update them as needed. You can revoke old Advance Directives and replace them with a new directive should your decisions change.


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