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Blair Hall: Care Between Hospital and Home

Sometimes when the acute care services of a hospital are no longer necessary, patients may not be ready to go home. Perhaps they live alone with little support nearby or their injury or illness may require careful monitoring for an extended time. When care is needed between the hospital and home, Blair Hall is a unique option.

What makes Blair Hall unique?
Both traditional acute hospital care and rehabilitation care are provided at Blair Hall. It is a safe, comfortable environment for patients with complex medical issues or those who need rehabilitation services after a prolonged, acute care hospital stay or surgery, such as a joint replacement.

Patients who choose Blair Hall may receive services such as physical or occupational therapy, or an extended course of IV antibiotics in addition to excellent nursing care. In addition they receive extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home. Blair Hall also serves patients with laryngectomies and tracheotomies, as well as patients needing up to 45 days of terminal care.

Where is Blair Hall?
It is located on the third floor of Montgomery Memorial Hospital.

Benefits to Patients at Blair Hall
• Low nurse-to-patient ratio
• Immediate physician treatment for emergencies
• Daily courtesy visit by the hospital physician
• Evaluation of all medications prior to discharge to ensure no drug interactions
• Ongoing communication with the referring physician and family care provider to promote excellent continuity of care from hospital to home
• Comfortable environment for patients, families and friends
• Guest dining available for evening meal

Does Insurance Pay for Care at Blair Hall?
Yes! Both Medicare and private insurance pay for care at Blair Hall.
Medicare patients must have had a qualifying acute care hospital stay prior to being admitted to Blair Hall. Patients with private insurance must get authorization from their insurance carrier prior to admission.

For more information contact Wanda Lewis at (910) 571-5142.

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