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Monday - Thursday, 6 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., Friday, 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.,
Saturday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday closed

Call (910) 692-6129 if you have questions

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For Your Safety
  • If you are running 5-10 minutes late for class, we prefer that you take the next class.
  • If you need to leave the class early, please inform the instructor.
  • Proper aerobic shoes are required. Please do not wear street shoes in the aerobics studio.
  • Gym bags are not allowed in the aerobics studio or multi-purpose room
Aqua Blast
Photo of Aqua Blast  class activity A high-intensiy aqua class with an extended cardiovascular segment designed for all levels.
Aqua Nuts
Photo of Aqua Nuts class activity Aqua aerobics class that incorporates both cardiovascular and muscular conditioning in an interactive group setting designed for all levels.
Cardio & Barre Conditioning*
Photo of Cardio & Barre Conditioning* class activity All fitness levels. Total body workout incorporates cardiovascular fitness & calorie burning with low impact aerobics. Core, posture, benefits of barre.
Cardio Combat
Photo of Cardio Combat class activity An unrelenting, group fitness, cardio workout that will release an inner warrior. Power-inspired martial arts training. High energy, low impact.
Cardio Sculpt*
Photo of Cardio Sculpt* class activity 40 minutes of hi/low aerobics followed by 20 minutes of total body strengthening using free weights, resistance bands or stability balls.
Core Fit**/***
Photo of Core Fit**/*** class activity Small group personal training with a focus on functional fitness. Participants can expect to improve core strength, balance, and muscle tone.
Core Stability***/**
Photo of Core Stability***/** class activity Small group personal balance training using the core pole.
Drum Circle & Crystal Bowl Meditation
Photo of Drum Circle & Crystal Bowl Meditation class activity Drums and other percussion induces harmony, euphoria and rhythm to the chaos of today’s life.
Gentle on the Joints - Strong Hearts & Bones
Photo of Gentle on the Joints - Strong Hearts & Bones class activity A chair & standing cardio strength, flexibility training class for those who prefer not getting up & down on floor.
Gentle on the Joints Aqua Fitness*
Photo of Gentle on the Joints Aqua Fitness* class activity The class is designed for participants living with musculoskeletal conditions or seeking a low intensity exercise program. Components include range of motion exercise for flexibility, gait training, strength conditioning and relaxation.
Gentle on the Joints Pilates
Photo of Gentle on the Joints Pilates class activity
Gentle on the Joints Yoga*
Photo of Gentle on the Joints Yoga* class activity We modify traditional poses used in yoga to improve your flexibility, balance and reduce muscle soreness.
Group Cycle
Photo of Group Cycle class activity Indoor cycling class, a non-impact cardiovascular workout for all levels.
Group Cycle Express**
Photo of Group Cycle Express** class activity 30-minute group cycle class.
Hatha Yoga
Photo of Hatha Yoga class activity Focus on traditional yoga poses with attention to lengthening and release of muscular tension.
Hip Hop Fitness
Photo of Hip Hop Fitness class activity Fun cardio routine that will get your heart pumping while combining calisthenic exercises into Hip Hop dance moves. All ages and easy to learn!
Infant/Toddler Swim Level 1***/**
Photo of Infant/Toddler Swim Level 1***/** class activity Get your little one acquainted with the pool environment. Our 89* pool temperature will make your child’s introduction to pool safety a wonderful experience that both parent and child will forward to.
Infant/Toddler Swim Level 2***/**
Photo of Infant/Toddler Swim Level 2***/** class activity Level II will introduce more advanced skills. Requirements are completion of Level I, one parent must attend class and child must be able to walk.
Lap Pool Walk
Photo of Lap Pool Walk class activity Designated water walking.
Lap Swim*
Photo of Lap Swim* class activity This exercise time is for the experienced swimmer wishing to improve cardiovascular endurance. Swimmers should be able to swim without stopping.
Meditative Yoga
Photo of Meditative Yoga class activity Focus is to drop beneath the surface of daily tension into the peace and stillness within us.
Photo of Pilates class activity A form of body conditioning which creates balanced muscular strength and flexibility.
Photo of PiYo class activity A unique athletic blend of strength training, core conditioning and dance fitness with a foundation in Pilates and Yoga.
Pliates Barre & Small Apparatus*
Photo of Pliates Barre & Small Apparatus* class activity Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Rep Reebok*
Photo of Rep Reebok* class activity Progressive group strength training using set music, with exact number of sets and repetitions for each muscle group to guarantee results.
RIP - Group Strength
Photo of RIP - Group Strength class activity 40-min. barbell program for able-bodied people of all ages and fitness levels. Matches movement to music using strength training - work at own level.
Step & Condition*
Photo of Step & Condition* class activity Basic pattern steps (done with or without a step bench). Followed by muscle conditioning.
Step Express
Photo of Step Express class activity
Therapeutic Tai Chi
Photo of Therapeutic Tai Chi class activity 45-min. barbell program for able-bodied people of all ages and fitness levels. Matches movement to music using strength training - work at own level.
Totally Terrified Swim Lessons
Photo of Totally Terrified Swim Lessons class activity For beginners and advanced beginners. Pre-registration required. See front desk for details.
Warm Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 2
Photo of Warm Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 2 class activity Centering yogic breathing. Body warming rhythmic limbering movement. Prepares the body and mind for the heart of our practice.
Yoga Strength
Photo of Yoga Strength class activity Emphasis on increasing muscular strength by holding poses longer than in our Hatha Vinyasa class. Style will appeal to those who are already fit, athletic, enjoy exercising, with a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga.
Photo of Zumba class activity Cardio class with fast and slow Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves.