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Nutrition & Fitness Combination Packages

Healthy Start
Sample the key components to total wellness: nutrition, exercise & stress management. Learn ways to meet your nutritional goals, set new and appropriate exercise goals with a personal trainer, and relax with a massage to help you absorb the new you. Includes a one-hour nutrition consultation, one-hour traditional massage and one-hour personal training session. 
Cost for the package is $135 for members/$155 non-members. (20% savings)

If you’re ready to get moving down the road to good health, Jumpstart is the perfect program for you.  You’ll benefit from the guidance and expertise of both a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer.This package includes a one-hour nutrition consultation and four thirty-minute personal training sessions. 
Cost for the package is $135 for members/$170 non-members. (20% savings)

6-Pack Attack
For those of you who want to focus on your diet and exercise regimens on a more regular basis, this program offers more structure and consistent feedback. The on-going personal attention to training and nutrition is perfect for those of you that need more monitoring and motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. This package includes a one-hour nutrition consultation, 30-minute follow-up nutrition consultation and three one-hour personal training sessions. 
Cost for the package is $215 for members/$250 non-members. (10% savings)

Metabolism Booster
Learn how a change in nutrition and exercise can positively impact your metabolic rate. This package includes two thirty-minute nutritional consultations, six one-hour personal training sessions and pre- and post-measurement of metabolic rate. 
Cost for the package is $390 for members/$470 non-members.  (15% savings)

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