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Nutrition Classes

Food and Mood
Thursday, March 13 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.  •  Free to members and community
This 30-minute class will teach you how certain foods influence brain chemistry and how you can change the way you eat to improve your mood, memory, energy and sleep quality. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Beyond the Hype: Popular Diets Reviewed  •  Free to members and community
Tuesday, March 25 5:30p.m
Our dietitian will review poplar diets you’ve heard of and maybe tried, like the Paleo Diet, HCG Diet, Flat Belly Diet, Blood Type Diet, Dukan Diet and more!

Truth in Olive Oil: An education & tasting experience
Tuesday, April 8th • 5:30 Free to members and community
Guest presenter:  Helen Dalitsouris.  Learn about how olive oil is made, what makes a high quality olive oil in taste & health, state of the current market (is Dr. Oz right about olive oil being fake?), common misconceptions & more!  She will also have olive oil to sample, which has been produced for generations on her family’s estate in Sparta, Greece.

Spring Cleaning Your Diet
Thursday, April 24th  •  12:15 to 12:45  •  Free to members and community
“Eating clean” is a popular description of an approach to food and its preparation.  It’s not a diet; it’s simply the practice of choosing whole foods and avoiding processed/refined foods and ingredients.  Learn about the potential benefits and how you can start cleaning up your diet today.

What’s Up With Wheat?
Thursday, May 8th  •  5:30  •  Free to members and community
An increasing number of books, blogs, and celebrities have fingered wheat as the cause of a variety of conditions, from obesity to chronic disease, as well as a host of digestive problems.  Is this true?  Should you worry about wheat?  Come find out what’s true, what’s speculation, and what’s just hype.

Exercise and Pregnancy
Tuesday, May 20th  •  5:30  •  Free to members and community
Guest presenter:  Dr. Kendall Zmiewsky will separate myth from fact about what’s safe and what’s not safe when it comes to staying fit during pregnancy.

All programs will be held at the FirstHealth Health & Fitness-Pinehurst located at 170 Memorial Drive.

For more information or to register for one of the classes, call (910) 715-1800.

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