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FirstHealth of the Carolinas is a private, non-governmental, not-for-profit health care network located in Pinehurst, N.C. The system serves 15 counties in the mid-Carolinas and is licensed for four hospitals with a total of 582 beds, plus the Reid Heart Center, a rehabilitation center, three sleep disorders centers, three dental clinics, twelve family medicine clinics , five fitness centers, a laundry, four charitable foundations, a Hospice program, home health services, convenient care services and an insurance plan. Critical care transport, EMS and medical transport services are also offered.

Under the leadership of Hew Fulton, chair of the FirstHealth Board of Directors, twenty-two volunteer board members from Moore, Montgomery, Richmond, Hoke and Scotland counties govern FirstHealth; there are also four entity boards. David J. Kilarski serves as chief executive officer for the health care system.

All major medical and surgical specialties and numerous subspecialties, including open-heart and valve surgery, bariatric weight-loss surgery, neurosurgery and neonatology are provided. FirstHealth hospitals have an active medical staff of 294 with more than 95 percent board certified. All hospitals hold all major accreditations with the exception of the newly opened Hoke campus, which is currently awaiting accreditation surveys.

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