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Children’s CARE Fund

Children are our future, but the future of many children isn’t as bright as it should be. Some children begin their lives in an incubator in a neonatal unit, others don’t have access to proper health care and childhood safety awareness is an always-present issue in every community.

With the aid of the many resources within our community, the Foundation of FirstHealth strives to help the children who need it most. By providing programs that assist children without access to health care, we hope to prevent chronic problems that may arise due to lack of care. By providing the technology needed to assist in the care of premature infants, we hope to diminish the chance of health-related problems as these children grow up. By bringing childhood safety to the forefront of community awareness, we hope to decrease the number of unintentional injuries to children.

The Children’s CARE Fund was established to provide early intervention for our children who need, but cannot afford, quality health care. Generous charitable gifts from individuals, families, businesses and organizations help provide these health care programs and services. Your contribution will help ensure children receive the quality care that they deserve.

How Your Gift Helps
Contributions are used where the need is greatest – to enhance existing services and programs for children
Our current funding priorities include the following:

Kids In Crisis
Many school children need immediate assistance, usually within 24 hours, to allow them to remain in school. The School Health Program in Moore County may access funds to provide transportation, medications and medical interventions that will help keep the children in school, avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department and provide access to the health care system to ensure ongoing assistance. Current statistics show that more than 800 children in Moore County schools are dealing with a chronic illness such as asthma, ADHD, diabetes and epilepsy.

Neonatal Care
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides care premature and sick newborns. The 16-bed NICU is staffed by specially trained nurses and physicians and is family-centered to ensure that infants requiring more than routine nursery care can still have their families close by.

Children’s Safety
Unintentional and preventable injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among North Carolina children age 14 and under. To help keep children safe from injury, the Children’s CARE Fund assists existing agencies with safety issues within our communities and provides support for efforts to educate and provide safety equipment to our most vulnerable segment of the population – our children.

Dental Care
Dental care for children has been a long-standing commitment for FirstHealth of the Carolinas. Unfortunately, there are many children who need dental care beyond the scope of services available at our dental care centers. This includes pediatric dental care for infants and toddlers, oral surgery and other specialties not covered by Medicaid or Health Choice. In many cases, these children are denied care because their parents are uninsured and can’t afford the cost of the dental work. The Children’s CARE Fund assists with surgical fees and co-payments to help these children obtain the needed dental work.

To learn more about the Foundation and its programs call (910) 695-7500.

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