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What is in the Quality Report

FirstHealth of the Carolinas is displaying both clinical results and patient satisfaction results for certain conditions. We show you our results in a percentage or rate compared to the national averages and top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide. We color-code our results: green if we are at the top 10 percent, red if we are below the top 10 percent. The hospital numbers in that row are compared to national averages in that row. A percentage in one row cannot be compared to a percentage in a different row.

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How were these indicators and safe practices selected?

National organizations have endorsed lists of indicators and measures. We address every indicator for care of patients with Heart Failure, Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack), Pneumonia and Surgical Site Infections including Coronary Artery Bypass (MRH) and Hip & Knee (MRH).

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Is this information available for hospitals not part of FirstHealth?

Not on this Web site. You can go to Hospital Compare at to view other hospitals data. You may also go to to compare other hospitals in North Carolina.

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Why is FirstHealth of the Carolinas publishing its quality data?

As a not-for-profit health care system and a community resource, we believe that you should know how we are performing. We believe that public reporting has helped us document our care more carefully, obtain more valid data and give better patient care than we would have without public reporting. We hope that our Quality Report will contribute to a better understanding of how to assess, report and improve hospital quality.

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How often will the data in this report be updated?

This data will be reported at least quarterly or as new data becomes available.

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Why is there not individual data for Richmond Memorial Hospital?

Effective August 1, 2009; FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital and FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital were consolidated under one provider number. FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital, a division of Moore Regional Hospital operates as one hospital with Richmond Memorial Hospital being a campus of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. 

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