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Social worker Kim Calvert, Pam Hulon, R.N.,
and Tammy Driggers, R.N., (from left) of the
Palmer Hinson staff

Though the loss of our mother will be a source of grief for the remainder of our lives, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for the level of care extended to her during her stay at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital’s Palmer Hinson Care Center.

Summer Phifer, R.N. supervisor, in addition to being an excellent nurse, went beyond the call of duty by following up on questions we asked and concerns that we had. She often did so without regard to a time frame, gladly checking with us by phone during her off-duty hours.

Kim Calvert, social worker for Palmer Hinson, demonstrated great concern and compassion for our mother’s condition. Kim continued to work diligently for the welfare of our mother throughout her entire stay as a patient. She provided answers to our questions from the beginning to the end. Her assistance and guidance were extremely beneficial.

Tammy Driggers, R.N., was always friendly and professional with a sense of true concern. We had confidence in her and in her abilities. She took invaluable time to explain medical information, and she was always available to do what needed to be done. She seemed to genuinely care for Mom as a person, not simply as a patient.

Pam Hulon, R.N., a hard worker, checked on our mother throughout the nights when she was on duty. When we observed Pam’s abilities and caring nature, we felt confident that the best of care would be given, even in our absence. She seemed to be at work because she wanted to be there.

While there were other staff members who offered valuable assistance, these professionals, in our opinion, deserve much praise for going beyond the basic requirements of the job. Our most sincere thanks we extend to them for helping us endure this most difficult time. Their compassion and dedication enabled our beloved mother to abide her last days in this world with the dignity and grace by which she lived her life.

Gail R. Clay
Michael J. Rush

For more information on the Palmer Hinson Care Center, a 45-bed longterm-care facility at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital, call (800) 213-3284.

Please thank Dr. Brady Holler and the staff in the ICU and the Operating Room at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital for their efforts regarding an organ donation that concluded Aug. 8, 2007. Their collective efforts were instrumental in fulfilling this particular family’s wishes and made it possible for two people to receive a kidney transplant and one person to receive a liver transplant.

Lives were saved because of this generous donation and the service provided by the FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital staff. Please let your hospital and medical staff know how much Carolina Donor Services appreciates their efforts and commitment.

Lloyd H. Jordan Jr.
Carolina Donor Services

My husband, Robert D. Simpson, went to heaven March 25, 2007. It was so comforting to keep him at home, which was his wish. His surroundings, such as his favorite chair and comfortable bed, remained the same.

Hospice was a vital part of allowing us to be together. As a married couple, we seldom even went to get a loaf of bread without each other. As an R.N., I was able to anticipate his needs, but I still felt the same stresses as any other caregiver, maybe even more, as I was able to foresee the outcome sooner. The promptness of all the dedicated Hospice personnel was a great comfort to us. We never felt abandoned. The rapid response to phone calls and the needed equipment delivered by cordial and caring people also led to our comfort.

Dr. Andy Kiser and his staff, the Oncology personnel with Dr. Ellen Willard and her staff, Radiation Oncology and that staff, and the general caring for Robert on all of his many admissions to Moore Regional Hospital all did a superb job of caring for him. Our many visits to the Emergency Department were also handled very professionally with kindness, caring and efficiency.

As a nurse with 41 years of experience, I am proud to be one of you.

Ruth Simpson

FirstHealth Hospice & Palliative Care serves patients in Moore and Montgomery counties. For more information on its services, call (800) 213-3284.

Melissa Furr

I am a 73-year-old patient of Dr. Herbie Bryan with COPD. Dr. Bryan enrolled me in Pulmonary Rehab at your wonderful facility (FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital). That happens to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Also, Melissa Furr (Pulmonary Rehab coordinator) is the finest person I have ever met and is a credit to the medical profession.

I just wanted to thank you for probably saving my life.

James M. Brown Jr.

FirstHealth of the Carolinas offers Pulmonary Rehab services at Moore Regional Hospital and Richmond Memorial Hospital as well as Montgomery Memorial Hospital. For more information, call (800) 213-3284.