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FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Friends of FirstHealth


The following individuals and organizations generously donated to the Foundation of FirstHealth during the fiscal year 2006-2007. Our communities have consistently demonstrated their resolve to provide the levels of financial support necessary to ensure the delivery of superior health care. In fact, one of the abiding strengths of our health system is its longstanding and successful partnership with the communities it serves.

Our history of philanthropic support and the generous legacy left by those who founded this organization will ensure that generations to come will have access to needed health care services. We thank you for investing in the future and for truly making a difference in the lives of so many.

The Foundation of FirstHealth sincerely thanks all those donors who wish to remain anonymous.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the gift list. If omissions or discrepancies have occurred, please call the Foundation at (910) 695-7500.

The Foundation’s Annual Giving Programs provide the principal source of “current use” gifts to support and enhance programs and services, and to address immediate needs of the health care system. These generous patrons are loyal friends of the Foundation and provide the cornerstone of support for the Foundation of FirstHealth.

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Circle of Friends
President's 500
Bariatric CARE Fund
Radiation Therapy
Clarke Special Care Unit
Emergency CARE Fund
Healing Garden
Health & Fitness CARE Fund
Reeves Cardiovascular Fund
FirstHealth Hospice - Andrew Prince Fund
FirstHealth Montgomery Foundation

Neuroscience CARE Fund
Ed Burrell Memorial - Neuroscience
Robins Neuroscience ICU Education
FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital Foundation
Scroll Society
Clement R. Monroe Legacy
Cancer CARE Fund
Children's CARE Fund
Dental Health Program
FirstHealth Hospitality Services
FirstHealth Response
Heart CARE Fund
FirstHealth Hospice Foundation
FirstHealth Hospice - Inpatient Services
Moore Regional Hospital Foundation
Alzheimer's Fund
Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab-Patient Equip.
Orthopaedic CARE Fund
Joyce White Memorial Fund

Moore Regional Hospital Foundation (unrestricted fund)
Ms. Tammy R. Stafford
Ms. Crystal Adams
Ms. Linda Allen
Mrs. Marie-Frances S. Allred
Ms. Patsy C. Allred
Mr. Calvin Almond
Mrs. Regina Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Arthur
Ms. Burnise Ash
Ms. Donna G. Atwater
Ms. Saralyn P. Austin
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bailey
Ms. Mary T. Bailey
Ms. Rhonda L. Bailey
Mr. Arthur W. Baker
Ms. Carol P. Baker
Ms. Dawn Baker
Ms. Cynthia Banks
Ms. Stephanie Barber
Ms. Virginia B. Barbour
Ms. Victoria L. Barrett
Ms. Patricia Bartley
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barton
Ms. Kay Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bechtol
Ms. Margaret Bedelyon
Ms. Tammy Berube
Mrs. Linda L. Biby
Mrs. Margaret C. Bigger
Ms. Mildred Bjorkman
Ms. Carol S. Black
Ms. Michele Black
Ms. Brenda Blakely
Mr. Chad M. Blakley
Ms. Pamela Blalock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blankley
Ms. Tammy Bond
Mrs. Susan K. Bonville
Mrs. Margaret M. Boroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Bouser
Ms. Brooke W. Bowman
Ms. Melissa Boyce
Ms. Sally Brayboy
Mr. Chris J. Bredeson
Ms. Darlene Breeding
Ms. Cherrie Brewster
Broad Street Bar & Grill Inc.
Mr. Emery Price Brookfield
Mr. H. Chalk Broughton Jr.
Ms. Janet Brown
Ms. Susan Brown
Ms. Suzanne Bunnell
Ms. Lynn Burchfield
Ms. Moira S. Bussey
Ms. Karen S. Butler
Ms. Martha Butler
Ms. Ruth M. Cade
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Calhoun
Ms. Linda S. Cameron
Mrs. Rita R. Cameron
Mr. Jonathan Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Omar J. Carey
Mrs. Catherine Carriero
Mr. John A. Carsten
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Carter
Ms. Sherry Carter
Mrs. Jean F. Carver
Ms. Valerie E. Caseman
Mr. and Mrs. Vito A. Catalfio
Ms. Donna O. Caviness
Ms. Susan C. Caviness
Mr. Glenn S. Chase
Ms. Mary Chavis
Ms. Lisa D. Cheek
Mr. Steve Childress
Mrs. Janet P. Christie
Ms. Dawn Ciokan
Ms. Cynthia Clark
Mr. David J. Clark
Ms. Debra Clark
Mrs. Jean M. Clark
Ms. Charlotte D. Clement
Mr. John Clement
Ms. Cathy S. Cloninger
Ms. Tammy Coe
Ms. Suzanne L. Coker
Mrs. Denise L. Conn
Mrs. Hilda L. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Lon L. Cooke
Ms. Kathy Cooper
Ms. Nancy Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Corcoran
Ms. Mary Ellen Cox
Ms. Deborah Coyle
Ms. Tina M. Crews
Ms. Lynn R. Cribbs
Ms. Frances Crutchfield
Ms. Gail M. Danley
Ms. Judith C. Davis
Ms. Joy T. De Sensi
Ms. Rose Marie DeCarlo
Ms. Eleanor Demyan
Ms. Judith S. DeWitt
Ms. Martha L. Dickerson
The Dickson Foundation
Ms. Cathy Dixon-McNeill
Mr. Brian Dlugos
Mr. Edward L. Dorsett II
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Dube
Ms. Teresa Duckworth
Ms. Etta G. Dunlap
Ms. Charlotte Durocher
Mr. Patrick Dwyer
Ms. Phoebe Eberhardt
Mrs. Mary Egli
Ms. Valerie Eldridge
Ms. Nadine A. Ellerbe
Ms. Barbara Ellis
Ms. Samantha Ellis
Ms. Jill Emerson
Ms. Teresa Engel
Mr. Norman Eppell
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Ernst
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney R. Esary
Ms. Ruth T. Fairbanks
Mrs. Lois Faulkenbury
Ms. Alexandra Ferguson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
FirstCarolinaCare Inc.
Ms. Gretchen Fiscus
Ms. Polly Flippo
Ms. Ella F. Flowers
Mr. James J. Flyzik
FMCJ Enterprises LLC
Ms. Juliet Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freeman
Mrs. Patricia M. Friedman
Ms. Kelly Frye
Ms. Kelly Garner
Ms. Wanda Garrett
Ms. Evelyn D. Garza
Ms. Ronda L. Gaskins
Ms. Donna George
Mr. Michael A. George
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Gilbert
Ms. Wanda Giles
Ms. Jacqueline Gilks
Ms. Linda S. Gillenwater
Ms. Kathleen Gillon
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Gleason
Ms. Sadie Glenn
Mr. David L. Gordon
Ms. Karen Gordon
Mr. Gregory K. Grey
Ms. Diane B. Grundler
Ms. Linda J. Haire
Ms. Jeanne Hall
Mr. Thomas Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Halstead
Mrs. Amy G. Hamilton
Ms. Pam Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hancock
Ms. Irene Hansel
Dr. Anthony Hantjis and Dr. Arlene Hantjis
Ms. Cynthia Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Brent G. Hargan
Ms. Cynthia Harrell
Ms. Myra Harris
Ms. Amy Hart
Mr. Daniel Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hearne
Mrs. Jodi L. Heimrich
Mrs. Rebecca Hellinger
Mrs. Frances D. Hill
Ms. Vicki Hill
Ms. Nancy B. Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac A. Hobbs
Ms. Karen D. Hoffman
Ms. Lorie Hogan
Mrs. Pauline G. Holt
Ms. Mary Dianne Homan
Ms. Tammy M. Horne
Mr. and Mrs. Coe Huddleston
Mr. Marvin Hudson
Mrs. Margaret Hunsucker
Ms. Daphne Hunter
Ms. Kerry Husted
Dr. and Mrs. Severt H. Jacobson
Mrs. Lillian Jacobus
Ms. Jackie Jamerson
Ms. Kathryn James
Ms. Brenda Jarvis
Patricia Jassak
Mr. and Mrs. William Jelochen
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Jenkins
Mrs. Erin Johnson
Ms. Sarah E. Johnson
Mr. Christian G. Jones
Ms. Gloria Jones
Ms. Joy Jones
Ms. Marilyn Jones
Mr. Ralph Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jones Jr.
Ms. Annette Jones-Cummings
Ms. Susan Jurgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kane
Ms. Patty Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Keckeissen
Mr. Russell P. Keeler
Mr. Rora Kellis Jr.
Ms. Mary Kelly
Ms. Oglatha Kelly
Ms. Wanda Kelly
Ms. Erin Kennedy
Ms. Robin Kennedy
Ms. Wanda Kennedy
Ms. Carolyn Kidd
Ms. Teresa Knight
Kolcraft Enterprises
Dr. and Mrs. Bo Kopynec
Mr. William R. Krause
Ms. Amelia Kuntz
Ms. Betty M. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lambeth
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Langdon
Ms. Pamela B. Laswell
Mr. John K. Lawrence
Ms. Margaret Leonard
Ms. Jackie Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lessner
Ms. Jacquelyn Lewis
Miss Dorothy B. Little
Ms. Patricia G. Little
Ms. Char Locklear
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Loew
Mr. Gregory Lookabaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Loomis
Ms. Rachael Lovin
Mr. and Mrs. Burlin Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lynn
Ms. Robin Lynn
Ms. Agnes Mack
Mrs. Susan D. Maguire
Ms. Kate Mahony
Ms. Dixie Malloy
Mr. Richard Mandell
and Dr. Mary T. Mandell
Ms. Elizabeth A. Manley
Ms. Debra D. Marion
Ms. Barbara Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Marrale
Ms. Katherine O. Marsh
Ms. Kimberly Martin
Ms. Arlene Martinez
Mrs. Aileen F. Matson
Ms. Ernestine McAllister
Ms. Jane McAllister
Mrs. Marion B. McCabe
Mr. Michael McCain
Ms. Flo McCoy
McDonald’s of Carthage
Mr. Linda McDonald
Ms. Patricia McDonald
Ms. Shannon McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. McGahey
Mr. and Mrs. Roger McGahey
Mr. and Mrs. James McGhee
Ms. Barbara C. Mcgowan
Ms. Elise McInnis
Ms. Sandra L. McKayhan
Ms. Karen McKenzie
McKesson Information Solutions Inc.
Ms. Christina McMillan
Ms. Jackie McNair
Ms. Floyd McNeill
Ms. Kim R. McNeill
Ms. Katie P. McPhatter
Mrs. Joan Meade
Ms. Susan Meares
Ms. Rebecca Meert
Ms. Janice Mellus
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Menges
Ms. Suzanne T. Meyer
Mrs. Janet S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miller
Ms. Cathy Mims
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Mitchel, P.A.-C
Ms. Carolee Mitchell
Ms. Terry Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Moak
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff P. Mohn
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moll
Ms. Patricia A. Monroe
Mr. Ralphe Montgomery
Ms. Vera G. Montjoy
Mr. Matthew Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Moore
Ms. Sherri M. Moore
Ms. Brenda Moore-Austin
Ms. Christine Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Morgan
Ms. Margie C. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Morris
Ms. Lisa Morrisey
Ms. Amy Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Morrison
Mr. Robert Moser
Ms. Donna Mullins
Ms. Karen B. Murphy
Ms. Jeannie Muse
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nacca
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Nagy
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Mr. George W. Nelson
Ms. Lisa Nelson
Ms. Amy R. Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Oates
Ms. Rachael Oates
Mrs. Mary C. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Tim O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Owens
Ms. Kristine D. Owens
Ms. Mary Pangborn
Mr. Jonathan D. Paris
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Patterson
Ms. Shannon L. Patterson
Ms. Patricia Peele
Peking Wok
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Petterson
Ms. Debbie Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Phillips
Mr. Marion R. Phipps
Mr. Steve Piagentini
Ms. Janet W. Pickard
Mr. Robert Pinkham
Pittman Grove Baptist Church
Ms. Rosemary Pittman
Ms. Jan Pollnow
Mrs. Belinda B. Pope
Ms. Bettina Powell
Ms. Cheryl Powers
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Price
Ms. Margaret Priest
Mr. James W. Priggemeier
Progress Energy
Prudential Financial Customer Service Office
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ramey
Ms. Eleanor Ramos
Ms. Stephanie Ramos
Ms. Vickie Rankin
Ms. Bessie M. Ray
Ms. Bonnie Reynolds
Mr. Ricky A. Richardson
Ms. Stephanie A. Richardson
Richmond Community Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Era Mae Rickman
Ms. Lora Ritter
Ms. Christine Roach
Ms. Leigh Rorie
Ms. Tammy L. Ross
Ms. Doris Rowe
Ms. Evelyn C. Rush
Mrs. Marian R. Russell
Ruth Camp McDougall Charitable Trust
Mrs. Marty Ryan
Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
Ms. Pamela F. Sands
Ms. Sophea Satterwhite
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sauter
Ms. Deborah Sawyer
Mrs. Jeanette Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Scott
Ms. Frances Scott
Search and Recover Group of NA
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shaw
Mr. Mannie Shaw
Ms. Johnna Shelley
Ms. Charlotte Sherman
Mrs. Lois H. Shinault
Ms. Annie Shipman
Mr. Michael Shutt
Mr. Alan S. Silver
Mr. Calvin A. Simmons
Ms. Suzanne Sinclair
Ms. Dahlia P. Singletary
Small World Travel of Pinehurst Ltd.
Mr. Adam Smith
Ms. Beverly Smith
Ms. Catherine M. Smith
Ms. Drusilla Smith
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Smith
Ms. Jeanne B. Smith
Ms. Lisa Smith
Ms. Michelle Smith
Ms. Nancy Smith
Ms. Pamela W. Smith
Ms. Rosetta Smothers
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Soto
Mrs. Edward Soules
Ms. Debra A. Spencer
Ms. Tamara H. Spivey
Mr. Daniel Steadman
Ms. Leslie L. Steen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Stephenson
Mrs. Gertrude W. Stephenson
Mr. Curtis Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Stivers
Ms. Stephen Stone
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Storch
Ms. Susan Strickland
Ms. Shelley Stuart
Mrs. Lydia Talbert
Ms. Magdalena Talley
Ms. Sharon Tarlton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tate
Ms. Susan Taylor
Ms. Kellie Tedder
Mr. David J. Telga
Mrs. Alice S. Thomas
Ms. Carol Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Thomas
Ms. Jennifer B. Thomas
Ms. Jo Ann Thomas
Mr. Michaell B. Thomas
Ms. Jennifer Thomason
Dr. and Mrs. Loren L. Thompson
Ms. Tina Thompson
Ms. Karen K. Thyne
Mrs. Bertha Tietz
Mrs. Constance K. Tingley
Mrs. Margaret D. Troutman
Ms. Virginia C. Trucks
Mr. Jewett Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tufts
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Upchurch
Mrs. Patricia Upham
Ms. Khenthennha Utley
Mrs. Carol Valdez
Ms. Shirley Valk
Ms. Sharon Vample
Mr. Robert Vest
Mr. and Mrs. Ned T. Voss
Mrs. Barbara W. Wagers
Mrs. Donna K. Waite
Ms. Jamie Waldschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Walker
Ms. Jennifer Walker
Ms. Ruby Wall
Mr. Theodore Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Mack D. Walters
Ms. Kimberly Ward
Ms. Myrtle Ward
Mrs. Phyllis Washington
Ms. Elizabeth Watson
Mr. and Mrs. John Waugh
Webb & Graves PLLC
Ms. Jo Webb
Ms. Linda Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weinberg
Ms. Andra Welch
Mr. H.B. Toby Wells Jr.
Ms. Harriet Y. Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Westcott
Ms. Jane White
Mr. Edward B. Whitehouse
Ms. Ronald Whitley
Ms. Michele Whittaker
Mrs. Renee Wicker
Ms. Rose Wicker
Mrs. Charlotte Wiesert
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Willetts
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Williams
Ms. Tara Williams
Ms. Cecilia Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wood
Ms. Christine Wright
Ms. Jackie Wright
Ms. Lina Wylie
Mr. Daniel T. Young
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Young
Neuroscience CARE Fund  
Mr. Charles Clay
Ms. Janet Collins
Dr. Richard L. Dales
Mrs. Dorothy M. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. David Hebert
Ms. Amy Hilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. Ketcham
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Peter Lash
Ms. Joy Martin

Mr. David Meyer
Mrs. Nancy S. Parsons
Mrs. Judith A. Preboske
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Stubbs
Ms. Kay Turner
Mrs. Margaret Van Liedekerke
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weatherhogg
Mrs. Emma B. Womack
Alzheimer’s Fund  
Mrs. Charlotte S. Gill
Mr. Joseph Hafer and Ms. Margaret B. Cady
Dr. Gregory Kadel
Ed Burrell Memorial- Neuroscience  
Ms. Peggy H. Biggerstaff Mr. and Mrs. James R. Turner
Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab- Patient Equip. Orthopaedic CARE Fund
Mr. Jack Greene Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sauter
Robins Neuroscience ICU Education  
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Chapman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital Foundation
The Arts Richmond
Ms. Tammy Bailey
Ms. Melissa Bates
Ms. Nannie Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Benson
Mr. and Mrs. John Bullard
Dr. and Mrs. Gene Burrell
Ms. Frances Carpio
Ms. Hazel Carter
Mrs. Nancy C. Caulder
Ms. Kimberly Cobb
Ms. Angela Cockerton
Ms. Lois Dawkins
Ms. Susanne L. Dawkins
Ms. Faith Diggs
Ms. Chantel Dlugos
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Duckworth
Mr. Eric Eisner
Ms. Diana Everett
Ms. Margaret Fountain
Good Citizens Fund
Ms. Norma Grooms
Ms. Shannon E. Hamilton
Ms. Lisa Ingram
Ms. Sally Ingram
Ms. Angela James
Ms. Norma Jones

Ms. Queen E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Joyce
Ms. Susan Knight
Ms. Sylvia J. Knorr
Ms. Candace Martin
Ms. Julia McCoy
Ms. Karen D. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. McInnis
Ms. Nicole McInnis
Ms. April Miller
Ms. Angela Morrisey
Mr. Benford Morse Jr.
Ms. Kenji Neal
Ms. Amanda Phifer
Ms. Summer Phifer
Ms. Patsy Quick
Ms. Jeanette Richardson
Ms. Patsy Robinson
Rotary Club of Rockingham Charities
Ms. Peggy Russell
Sandhills Emergency Physicians
Ms. Jan Scholl
Mrs. Sherry Scott
Ms. Belinda E. Stanley
Ms. Louise Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Williams
Mr. Johnny Willingham

Joyce White Memorial Fund  
Ms. Kimberly J. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd
Ms. Jeannie King
Mr. and Mrs. Welch
Mr. Glenn White