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Superlative patient care

My mother was recently a patient at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. In particular, she had aortic valve replacement surgery. Prior to her surgery she also had a heart catheterization performed at Moore Regional.

In both cases, the patient care she received was superlative. I was thoroughly impressed with the attentiveness of the staff and also how they supported us as a family while dealing with our mother’s health concerns.

Since I like to give credit where credit is due, while my mom was in the Hiatt cath unit, (registered nurses) Deb Lewis, Deborah Penrod, Karen Brown and (nursing assistant III) Shelia Winston deserve gold stars during their next performance appraisal. Their care and support was comforting, especially since my mom had not been hospitalized since 1963 for gall bladder surgery.

In addition, while she was in the CVTSM unit, (registered nurses) Tim Martin and David Dunker were most helpful during her recovery from the actual surgery.

As a family, we cannot thank you all enough for providing excellent care to her.

Julia Hoyle
Financial Analyst
Duke University Medical Center
Division of Cellular Therapy

Back home to Moore Regional for cancer care

I am writing this to say thank you to your awesome staff at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. I believe the staff members in Inpatient Oncology are earthly angels. They are not only wonderful with the patients but are so supportive of the families, too.

We needed a health care POA (Power of Attorney) and MOST (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) form, and your support staff just made it happen. My husband passed away after a two-and a- half-week stay at your facility. I could not imagine being anywhere else and having any better support or care.

The Outpatient Oncology staff is heaven-sent, also. I feel blessed to have the hospitalists. When they started, we—like a lot of people—had reservations about this change, but this has been a pleasant surprise. They are not only good doctors, but are also great with the patients and families.

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(800) 213-3284.

When you have doctors like (Robert) Pohlmeyer and (Edward) Hoehn-Saric, you know you could not be in better hands. James and I have been to other, bigger facilities for treatments and second opinions, but we always came back “home” to Moore Regional Hospital.

Thank you so much. No one wants to be sick, but we as a community are fortunate to have this facility to go to when we are.

Pamela Fallin

MMH a wonderful hospital

To all the wonderful people at FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital: A very big thank you to all the personnel who took care of my mother when she arrived at your Emergency Department.

Your courteous and responsive staff and nurses were so helpful to an anxious family. I especially thank (registered nurse) Sandra Davis for her timely updates and the call from the doctor (hospitalist Amir Darwish, M.D.) to give me the exact nature of the situation. It is comforting to know that such care can be given to those in need.

I hope the people of your area appreciate what they have in your wonderful hospital.

Sue Miller

People important to every organization

On occasion, my wife and I have both been hospitalized at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. When we made the decision to retire in Pinehurst some 17 years ago, one of the major criteria was the presence of a fine hospital. At that time, we were in excellent health, but later needed care for cancer and surgery for a life-threatening hernia.

We are retired professionals and believe that the “people” are all important in any organization, especially one that provides services to the community. I was recently hospitalized for a few days and found that Gloria Johnson, R.N., is one of those people. She is pleasant, caring, alert, professional at all times, and, of most importance, accepts responsibility for her work and that of her team. It was obvious to my wife and me that her team respected her. They were not hesitant to ask for her guidance if needed. I wish I could recall all their names.

We recognize quality in all of your people to include caregivers, support staff, volunteers and those who prepare and deliver the appetizing food. Their professionalism, attention to detail and caring bring about a sense of encouragement and well-being to the patient.

John Casey

Wound Care Staff
Ellen Ray, R.N. (foreground), and some of her co-workers on the staff of the
FirstHealth Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital

Praise for the wound care staff

I have been a patient at FirstHealth many times since moving to this area in 1972 and have always had excellent care.

At this time, I am completing a series of 30 treatments at the FirstHealth Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center to repair radiation damage in my mouth.

I am the world’s worst claustrophobic, so when I first saw the hyperbaric chambers, my first thoughts were panic and “no way.” Now I’m just about done and can’t put into words sufficiently to praise the staff of individuals in that department. They have humored me, babied me and done whatever was necessary to get me to complete treatment.

Ms. Ellen Ray has been my main support and care person. The entire staff is equally efficient and caring, but Ms. Ray is exceptional.

Thanks to Ms. Ray, the Wound Care Center staff and FirstHealth for offering me this service.

Janice Thomas
West End