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Richard Costello’s FirstHealth Home Care caregiving team included (seated from left) Carrie Peterson, Shannon Heitz and Page Davis; and (standing from left) Jennifer McKinney, Lupe White, Irvin DuBose, Lisa Hunt and Dale Fitzgerald.

This is a sincere “thank you” to all the professional home health caregivers (FirstHealth Home Care) who have come into our home to look after my husband, Richard. Beginning with the admitting nurse, Carrie Peterson; Shannon Heitz, our assigned nurse; and Lupe White of Telehealth, who monitors the vitals received by computer, the caring they showed to both my husband and me was more than exceptional. The same was also true of both Irvin DuBose and Dale Fitzgerald of Physical Therapy and Jennifer McKinney and Page Davis of Occupational Therapy. We must not leave out CNA Lisa Hunt, who came three times a week to help him shower.

Their dedication resulted in helping my husband obtain greater physical abilities than he had when first home from the hospital. He said that with each small gain he could honestly hope to regain his former independence. I hardly recognize the man today from the patient of eight weeks ago.

The support I received as the primary caregiver helped me over some very serious and trying times. Thanks to all of them, we now go to dialysis on our own, all wounds have healed, doctors are talking to one another, medications are taken correctly, and home independence is done without my help. What a blessing this is.

My thanks to all of them once again. And to the powers that be, know that you have fine, professional and knowledgeable people in your employ and that if we ever find ourselves needing home health care in the future, we would be sure to ask for FirstHealth Home Care.

Janice Costello

I must thank you and the Richmond Memorial Hospital staff for the benefit of Wellness Screening Day. From one of the screenings, yet another unknown health concern received attention early enough to avoid complete organ failure. Bottom line: This was a lifesaver. I received the results recently and have begun treatment. Thank you again.

Patella Berkley
Southern Pines

FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital holds its annual Wellness Screening Day program each fall. For more information on this event, call (800) 213-3284.

Darlene Valitutto

This letter is to commend Darlene Valitutto for the superior care and attention she gave to my father, John Ferguson, while he was a patient at Moore Regional Hospital in the Rehabilitation Unit.

I greatly fear we would have lost my dad but for her care and concern when he went into renal failure. Her knowledge and prompt actions in response to the crisis saved his life. I also want to acknowledge

Ms. Valitutto for the care and attention she provided to my mother while she was going through this very stressful time as well as to me when I was able to visit. We felt included as part of the team taking care of my father, which was very important. The entire team in Rehabilitation Services was wonderful. Ms. Valitutto’s professionalism, empathy and compassion cannot be commended highly enough. I understand that she also teaches nursing and is passing on her talents to her students. I can only hope that they can come close to the standards she herself meets. Ms. Valitutto is an asset to your hospital and deserves to be recognized for her excellent abilities.

Mary Ann Ferguson
Walkersville, Md.

I recently had surgery at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital and would like to extend to you my sincerest thanks, as well as tell you that the staff went above and beyond the call of duty in taking care of me during my five-day stay.

I have traveled all over the world in the last 20 years, and I have to say that the customer service and care that I received was fantastic. The genuine heart-felt attitude resounded every single minute I was there.

The staff’s untiring hard work and brilliant bedside manner will stay with me forever.

Kirk Verner
Southern Pines

During my professional life in New York and New Jersey, also as former president of the Women of Weymouth in Southern Pines, and currently programs chair of both the Women of Weymouth and the Pinehurst branch of the English-Speaking Union, I have had many opportunities to select and observe good speakers.

So it is with every confidence that I write to you to commend Chris Miller (of FirstHealth Community Health Services), who recently spoke to the Women of Weymouth on the subject “The Master and Margarita,” a less-well-known Russian novel. It was an intriguing, but obscure and difficult subject, requiring knowledge of 20th century Russian literature and history. Using his background in those subjects, Chris handled it admirably. He had prepared an excellent, visually attractive PowerPoint presentation illustrated with photographs, and also showed a video-clip. His delivery was smooth and relaxed, made with very little reference to his notes and with a friendly interaction with the audience of probably 60-plus people. He encouraged questions and answered them well. He kept to time, though the program ran over because there were so many questions at the end.

The audience was delighted, having arrived rather puzzled by the subject, but went away eager to learn more. It would be fair to say that Chris’s program fulfilled the four important functions of a good talk: to inform, to entertain, to persuade and to inspire. Dorothy Gibson Whispering Pines