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Congratulations on your recent recognition as one of North Carolina’s best hospitals (in Business North Carolina magazine). Thanks for the service you provide our employees and the region.

Emerson Gower Florence, S.C.

(Emerson Gower is Southern Region vice president of Progress Energy Carolinas.)

My wife Ann spent several grueling, painful, frustrating weeks in the Rehabilitation Unit at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital recovering from a fractured hip, complicated by symptoms of hydrocephalus. Every single person caring for her treated her with concern and, yes, even love. They pushed her when she needed it and hugged her.

FirstHealth Rehab, like every other department we’ve experienced, is special, and I know from my own career this doesn’t take place without management creating the environment. Our thanks.

Gilbert Taylor

My husband, George C. Snyder, was a patient in Unit 2C at Moore Regional Hospital from Jan. 2 until he died on Jan. 7, 2007, of complications from a staph infection and pulmonary fibrosis. He received excellent attention on every shift from every member of your staff. On the last day and evening, when death was imminent, my family and I received tender care and thoughtful provision for our comfort.

Please extend our appreciation to the nurses, aides, respiratory therapists, food service and housekeeping staff, and any others who worked during that time to provide for his comfort and care and for his family’s comfort.

Dorothy A. Snyder

So often, we hear negative comments about small hospitals, but I feel we are blessed to have FirstHealth Richmond Memorial.

I am extremely impressed by the emergency room, ICU and care given on the medical floor. Many small towns don’t have hospitals, so we thank God for you.

Susan Patrick

I recently had da Vinci prostatectomy surgery performed by Dr. Greg Griewe of Pinehurst Surgical at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. I would like to tell you about my observations during my stay at your hospital.

First, I was very impressed with the nurse who filled out my paperwork. She explained everything to my wife and me very clearly and ensured we understood all that she said.

On the day of surgery, everything went better than I could possibly have imagined. When they took me back to prep me for the operation, I could not have asked for any better care and politeness while as they explained everything that was going to happen to me. Then Dr. Griewe came in and asked me if I was ready and comfortable. That really raised my spirits.

Once I was in the Recovery Room, the nurses were outstanding. They stayed with me the whole time until the doctor said I was ready to go to my room, and then they accompanied me to my room. Once I was in my room on 2C, the nurses there took charge of me. Again, the care I received was just outstanding. I could not have asked for any better care than I received from them.

The registered nurse on duty that night ensured I had everything I needed and constantly checked on my well-being. I soon found that all of the nurses who took care of me were the same way. My only regret is not having gotten their names so I could personally praise each and every one by name. Nurses and staff from other stations on the floor spoke to me while I was walking and were solicitous of my care and needs.

The bottom line is that during my whole stay on 2C, I never found anyone who did not care a great deal about his or her job—the people who cleaned my room or brought me my meals and the nurses’ aides and the registered nurses. In my opinion, all of the personnel with whom I came in contact during my stay are true caring professionals and a tremendous asset to your hospital and all of its patients.

Ronald H. Rath

For more information on da Vinci robotic surgery, see the related story or call (800) 213-3284 toll-free.

I find myself writing to you about an extraordinary employee who went above and beyond the call of duty.

I recently had blood work ordered. With orders in hand, I came to the lab at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. I was greeted by some very friendly ladies. They registered me, and I was sent to the lab.

I was met by the nicest staff member. I approached the window, and (medical lab assistant) Kendra Monroe opened it with the biggest smile and said, “May I help you?” That smile was indeed worth a million dollars. I gave her the paperwork. Kendra listened to my concerns with the greatest care. She put me at ease and told me to have a seat in the waiting area.

In a few minutes, I heard my name called. She called me into the lab and took every bit of one minute to complete the labs that had been ordered. I was amazed at her skills as well as her professionalism.

What a blessing and tribute she is to your hospital and the staff. Thank you so much for employing people like Kendra Monroe.

Ruby Goodman

My husband and I want to thank the wonderful hospital personnel who helped make him comfortable and healthier during three recent hospitalizations. What started out as a successful minor operation led to blood-level changes, TIAs (mini strokes) and, subsequently, two more hospital visits.

Everyone from the Emergency Department (twice) to 2C and later 2 Neuro (twice) made us feel welcome and well cared for. We definitely understand why Moore Regional Hospital recently received Magnet Nursing status. Well deserved!

Everything about the hospital is wonderful, except for being sick. From spotless rooms, tasty food ordered from a huge menu at one’s convenience, and nurses and techs who attended Lee’s medical needs, we were impressed.

Another important facet was the seamless coordination that took place among the various doctors involved in the complexities of Lee’s symptoms. We were so appreciative of their professionalism and caring during his total two-and-a-half week stays.

Ellen F. Airs