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FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Message from the CEO

During the closing years of the 1920s, a group of Moore County residents broke ground on a vision. Those good folks, many of them transplants from larger communities with established health care programs, wanted a quality hospital for their modest little corner of the North Carolina Sandhills.

Charles T. Frock
Chief Executive Officer
FirstHealth of the Carolinas

In November 1929, just weeks after the stock market took a historic dive and plunged the country into depression, their vision became reality. The opening of Moore County Hospital began a legacy of care that continues to this day as FirstHealth of the Carolinas.

I like to think that some of those early visionaries foresaw an organization something like our 21stcentury FirstHealth, a high-tech model of care defined by the four simple words “to care for people.” Although they may not have expressed their dream in quite that way, the folks who built Moore County Hospital wanted “to care for people.”

“To care for people” is our core purpose, and it’s supported by our 2020 Vision—“working together, first in quality, first in health”—a phrase that not only summarizes how we care for people but also offers a pledge to the future.

The 72 pages of this special publication, called “Because FirstHealth cares,” evoke our commitment to our purpose and address how we work—every day—to achieve our vision. Maybe the following dissection of our vision will help explain our purpose better:

“Working together”—Our organization is large and capable, but it works best when it works with others. We do that in many ways—in hundreds of partnerships, dozens of task forces, a host of collaborations and a variety of ventures throughout our entire service region. We have found that we can accomplish a lot by ourselves, but we can accomplish even more by working with others. Our funders encourage collaboration, and we are eager to share our experiences and our successes.

“First in quality”—While primarily a manifestation of the excellent medical care provided by our physicians and staff, this component of the 2020 Vision applies to all of our community services.

“First in health”—We want our communities and every man, woman and child in them to be as healthy as possible. That aim begins with education, is achieved with support and resources, and is delivered by a dedicated and highly trained staff. We prevent what is preventable while encouraging the people we serve to share in the accountability for their own health.

Fundamentally, “working together” to be “first in quality” and “first in health” brings us closer to achieving the lauded goal of lower health care costs. It also makes our region more attractive to new businesses, new families and increased economic development. “Because FirstHealth cares” will introduce you to the programs and services that make us different—ready to accept a challenge head on and eager to share the results of our endeavors with others.

It will also help explain why do we do what we do—because it’s the right thing to do when your purpose is “to care for people.”