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Susan McDonald and son

I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful care that my 21-month-old received recently in the Emergency Department at Richmond Memorial Hospital. My son had a fall and came in to be evaluated.

We were met at the front by Maribel Tequi-In, R.N., who triaged my son. She allowed me to assist with obtaining his vital signs since he is not used to being around a lot of strangers. Once in the examining room, we were met by Peggy Russell, R.N., and Johnnie Willingham, R.N., who were very kind. Dr. (Robert) Bahner immediately came into the room, and we discussed his plan of care. My son had to be sedated to have a CT of the head, and I was so impressed when the doctor came in and gave him the injection. Dr. Bahner came in to reassess my son on several occasions and was very personable. Peggy stayed by his side the whole time, which eased my mind since I was at the time almost nine months pregnant and could not be by his side in the CT room. She constantly was making me aware of his vital signs and his status.

I was very impressed with the care that he received. It is nice to know that there is a well-oiled machine in Richmond County that can adequately and compassionately take care of people.

Susan McDonald, R.N.
Emergency Department
Moore Regional Hospital

An ambulance recently took me to your hospital to the emergency room, where I was diagnosed with pneumonia and taken to a room at Moore Regional Hospital. From that point on, I must commend the caring nurses who through blood pressure, heartbeat, temperature, pills and bodily function brought me to a discharge two days later.

I think you should know who they are and some recognition be given them for their professional care: Maribel Matochik, Valerie Brown, Renee Jackson, Marialui Agustin and Jackie Gilks.

Then, too, your food service astounds me. A menu fit for a first-class hotel. Just dial FOOD and someone responds, listening to my choices and refusing foods not to be eaten by me. Then the food is served within an hour and available from morning to evening. A system to be complimented.

I have no immediate desire to be with you again, but if the Good Lord dictates, let it be with the same caring professionals. Please thank them for me.

Robert E. Luhrs

Our little angel, Anniston, was born on July 21, 2006, weighing only 4 pounds, 4 ounces and 18 inches long. As much as we loved her and wanted her, God needed her more and called her home. Our entire family is so grateful for all the love and compassion we were all shown, not just Mom and Dad, but our entire family.

Tracy Dennis, Dale Marsh and all the nurses in delivery have special hearts that are gifts from God. With special love and tenderness, they gave her a bath and dressed her in the most beautiful little hat and gown. The little gown, so tiny, was sewn each stitch with love by a special volunteer who shares her gifts and talent by working with FirstHealth. We will never be able to say “thank you” in person, but it meant so much to us.

Thank you to the best doctor in the world, Dr. Barry Buchele, who on his own came back to deliver this special little one. We all felt so safe and loved in his care. He is a very special doctor as well as a person. If all the words in the world were on paper, it would not be enough to say the thank you that is in my heart to all the staff at Southern Pines Women’s Health Center. For all the prayers, cards and food as well as the excellent care I received from the doctors and all the staff. You are cared for like family by each one of them.

God has angels everywhere, and he has handpicked some of them to work for him at FirstHealth. We in Moore County are so blessed to have a hospital like FirstHealth.

Angela Williams
Seven Lakes

I had knee replacement surgery at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, and I was so impressed with my treatment while I was in the hospital that I felt compelled to write and tell you about what a great job the staff is doing.

I only wish I could remember all the names. Some of them were Lisa Mitchell, Susan Butwinski, Judy Spivey, Nicole Ryan, Cathy Bullock and all the others involved in my treatment. They all showed real compassion and were very professional.

Thank you for having a great staff, and keep up the good work.

Ruth Maceluch
Spring Lake

This is from the heart, a very heartfelt “thank you” for all you have done for us. And also a very heartfelt “thank you” to Melinda Wallace (resource coordinator for FirstHealth Cares in Southern Pines.)

FirstHealth Cares helps qualifying individuals acquire free prescription medications from pharmaceutical companies. There are FirstHealth Cares programs in both Moore and Montgomery counties. For more information, please call (800) 213-3284 toll-free.

I just don’t know what we would have done without all the help you have given to us, because we both are disabled. Roy had to have his medicines to be alive. The doctors told him if he wanted to die, just not to take his medicine. That’s where you all came in. If you had not helped, I don’t know what we would have done, because his medicines are from $900 to $1,000 a month, not counting strips for his sugar machine and needles for his insulin.

You were a godsend for us. I could go on thanking you and wouldn’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. I would recommend FirstHealth Cares to anyone. We would be more than happy and proud to tell them how you help people.

Roy and Kathy LaForce

I wanted to share with you how the right people can turn a most unpleasant experience into a “pleasant” one. I was scheduled for a stereotactic breast biopsy. I don’t need to explain to you that I was not looking forward to this procedure and, more than that, dreading it.

With the kindness and true professionalism of the following FirstHealth employees, I completed a tedious, two-hour-plus experience relaxed and smiling: Jennifer Legrand at the main desk in the Radiology waiting area was wonderful in keeping my husband posted. Tina LaForge (supervisor of Mammography Services) was extremely helpful and informative in explaining what was ahead and answering my questions. Dr. Soledad Griffin (radiologist) came to the waiting area to introduce herself and allay my fears. Sonja Early, the technician, and Jennifer Donaldson, the nurse, were amazingly patient and kind throughout the procedure. All were constantly concerned with my comfort.

Women need to know they are in good hands at difficult times in their lives. Thank you to ALL the professionals at FirstHealth.

Carole Base

I was recently a patient at Moore Regional Hospital and was very pleased with the care and service I was provided. In fact, I’d rate it as exceptional. The medical and service staffs were attentive and courteous. I felt very comfortable and confident throughout my stay and treatment.

Of particular note was your new approach to meals. Hospital food is usually the target of culinary jokes, but at Moore Regional, the food would beat many of the local restaurants in variety, quality, taste and service. An example makes my point: I had ordered a carrot cake (my favorite) and was anxiously awaiting its delivery. My back problem was acting up, so I was looking forward to the carrot cake to take my mind off the back discomfort. A food delivery lady passed my room, and I asked her if she might have my carrot cake. She said, “No, but I’ll get you one.” She returned in a few minutes with an order of carrot cake and a container of milk. The cake and milk hit the spot and gave me the mental break I needed to deal with my back problem. This is just one example of the thoughtfulness and kindness I was shown throughout my hospital stay.

The MRI, radiographic and epidural steroid infection teams were prompt, very professional and, most importantly, were just plain nice to me. When you’re hurting, that’s a very important element in the medical care equation, one that is often missing in “high-tech” procedures.

There were so many Moore Regional Hospital people who contributed to my positive personal and medical experience that I can’t list them. Suffice it to say, I am grateful and am now the president of the Moore Regional “fan club.”

Medical care and service of this caliber do not happen without positive leadership, training and a careful screening and evaluation of employees. You and your staff are to be congratulated for assembling a great team.

Charles Jones