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Keith Bobbitt, RRT


I want to express my sincere thanks to the Respiratory Department at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. I had injuries from a hunting accident. During the 27 days I spent in the hospital, complications almost took my life. Keith Bobbitt (resistered respiratory therapist) knew who to call and what to do to save my life. Many thanks to him. He needs to be commended for his professionalism. The Respiratory Department staff came to my room on a regular basis to help me recover. Please give my regards to this department for me.

Richard Yost


I was recently a patient on 2Neuro at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent care that I received there. I would especially like to recognize the members of the staff who were so understanding, encouraging, competent and caring. They met my every need with a smile and professionalism. They were Stephanie Webb and Carol Lighthall (day nurses), Adrian Pierce and Joan Richardson (night nurses), Laura Maness (tech) and Terri Reynolds (secretary). They truly upheld the gold standard of health care and are a credit to your fine establishment.

Penny J. Currie

My family and I were especially impressed with the quality of organizational development that has occurred at Moore Regional. The staff across the board displayed professionalism, capability, care and concern, job knowledge, sound training, enthusiasm and good supervision. A state-of-the-art facility is certainly a major asset in achieving a high level of quality in patient care. I was totally impressed with the architecture, engineering and construction of the plant as well as the attention to comfort and pleasing aesthetics for patients, staff and visitors. Thanks to all for a job well done.

Thomas G. Ivester
Southern Pines

Thank you so much for the water FirstHealth of the Carolinas donated to be used at our Spring Games. We also want to thank the EMS team that was on stand-by in case they were needed. Your support helped make the day a great success for the 94 special athletes who competed.

Jeanine Wall
Richmond County Special Olympics Committee

I just wanted to relay a report of praise for the Emergency Department at FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital. I had to visit the ED between 11:30 and midnight on June 5, 2008. I was having a reaction to some medicine that I had recently been prescribed for migraine headaches. The lady who checked me in was very nice and courteous. The nurses were very prompt, and also very nice and courteous and caring. They did a wonderful job. And I can’t say enough about the doctor on duty. He was so kind and really listened to what was going on. He explained my symptoms and what was causing them thoroughly, and I really appreciated that. At the time, I was very upset and scared. He and the nurses made sure I was starting to feel better before I left.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write any of their names down. I hope there is some way for you to check the records to see who was working that night and let them know how much I appreciate what they did for me. It is very scary when you’re feeling sick and not sure what’s going on or what to do. It is nice to know that there are people there that you can depend on in a situation like that.

Gloria Maness

On May 20, my husband woke with what seemed like a heart attack. We drove to nearby FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. They took us in the Emergency Department right away and helped us understand what was going on. All tests were taken while steps were taken to lessen the pain. After 16 hours of very caring and expert help, we returned home. It wasn’t a heart attack, much to our joy, but an esophageal spasm. Many thanks to all the nurses and doctors and technicians involved.

Lillian Thorpe

Cardiac Rehab ”graduate” Mickey Brown (center) with Denice Gibson, R.N., (left) and exercise physiologist Kay Maria Green

I constantly observe extra things they do to help others to be successful in FirstHealth’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program. I have seen, right before my eyes, marked improvement in folks, even myself. I know that you realize how important your team is. You all make such a wonderful group that provides service to others in the FirstHealth way.

While my time with you God-sent angels is winding down, I just want you to know how blessed I have been to have been able to come your way. You and each of your kind, caring and competent staff have made my life better, and made something that is feared to be hard or can’t be done worth doing.

In addition, I think that information and dialogue should be done with every person in the hospital who has had a cardiac incident to encourage them to come to your wonderful program. Certainly I will be voicing that as I do strongly feel that so many people can be helped. I have seen it happen.

Mickey R. Brown

I am writing you in regards to the exceptional service given to my premature newborn, Megan Vang. She was born on Feb. 6, 2008—one week too early. She had difficulty breathing online Cardiac Rehab ”graduate” Mickey Brown (center) with Denice Gibson, R.N., (left) and exercise physiologist Kay Maria Green 6 Fall 2008 and maintaining normal body temperature. She stayed in the NICU at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital for a total of nine days under the care of the staff nurses, family nurse practitioners and attending physicians.

As a mother, I found it very difficult leaving my newborn in the care of others. I feel that no one can love a child as much as a mother can. Every time I had to leave her behind in the NICU, I felt like my heart was breaking.

My family and I live almost an hour away. It wasn’t easy just to run over to the hospital to check on Megan. We had to rely totally on the love and compassion of the nurses and staff in the NICU to take care of her. I called at all times of the day as well as in the middle of the night. I made sure to speak to each of Megan’s attending nurses on shift to get an update on her and to thank them for their care of her.

I want to let you know that your NICU staff is excellent in medical care and in customer courtesy and compassion. Not once did they tire of hearing from me. They were always polite and understanding over the phone. They took the time to listen to a mother’s concern over her newborn. And every time I entered the NICU during my visits, Meagan would be clean, fed and usually fast asleep. It was a great relief to know that my daughter was being taken care of.

I would like to point out Mary Ellen Lane (neonatal nurse practitioner), who took the time to compassionately sit down with me regarding all of my questions over Megan; Kara Oldham (R.N.), who took the time to give Megan a bath and lovingly took care of her in the daytime; Amy Phillips (R.N.) and Brenda Caddell (R.N.) who took care of Megan at night and patiently took the time to give me motherly updates on her whenever I called; and Renae Wise (R.N.), Gladys Suggs (R.N.-C), Dorothy Rogers (R.N.), Chassity Wilson (R.N.) and Sherry Evans (R.N.) Also to Dr. Nicholas Lynn and Dr. Michael Wisniewski who took the time to explain Megan’s case and care to me. There are countless other staffers whose names I cannot remember, but who are no less important to me. You should be proud of them.

I am grateful for your excellent hospital, Labor & Delivery department and especially the NICU unit. I am so thankful to have chosen your hospital to have my child. I pray for strength and continued compassion for your team in order to help all the other mothers and newborns who pass through your doors.

Elaine Vang

Alex Stager at home following treatment at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital

Please extend our heartfelt thanks and continuing regard to the administrative and medical staff of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. Our grandson unfortunately required the services of both the emergency and surgical facilities due to an accident. We found the facilities to be of the highest standard with pleasant, sanitary conditions and state-of-theart equipment. The efficiency of the organization facilitated a quick remedy for diagnosis, referral and pain management for a young man who was trying to be very brave and patient.

No institution can shine without the constant presence of an educated, caring staff of professionals willing to go the extra mile (and they did just that) to ensure the well-being of those vulnerable persons in their care. Our community is blessed indeed to have such a resource.

Diane R. Nigh

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to thank you and the staff of 2C for the excellent care rendered to my mother, Ruth Lill. She was a patient on your unit from March 28 to March 31. She had a left total knee replacement by Dr. John Moore. The care she received was superb. Mother was never left alone, so we were all able to observe firsthand the attention she received. I speak for my siblings when I say that any request we or she had was addressed quickly and in a kind and caring manner. For information on any of the services mentioned in these letters, call (800) 213-3284.

As Florence Nightingale said, “It is the art and the practice of nursing that we should be about.” Please tell the staff how much their attention, care and emotional support meant to our mother and to us. Special thanks to Marjorie Wall, Miguel Villacarta, Denise Williams, Shamica Alston, Debbie Smith, Sherry McCabe, Travis Fraley and Judy Chalfinch. Thanks again to all of you for a job well done.

Susan L. Craven, R.N., MSN, ANP
Clinical Director Moore Free Care Clinic

I recently had a myelogram performed on my neck. In spite of much fear and trepidation on my part, the procedure was not what I had expected. It went so well that I wouldn’t hesitate to have another if I needed it.

The nurses who tended me in the Recovery Room as well as Dr. Washington and his assistant were all so nice to me. It was actually a very nice experience, mainly due to their pleasant, caring personalities. I felt as though I was in the hands of family—very learned people, too, who made sure I knew what to expect throughout the entire time I was there. I will never forget the skilled, caring, professional, extremely pleasant care I was given in their care.

Judith Tucker

Jana Walker, R.N.; DeGena Richardson, R.N.;
and Amy Denson, R.N.

My husband had wonderful care in December 2007 when he was a patient in FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. I would like to commend three of the nurses who were outstanding in their care of and attention to the needs of patients. I think all three were in the Robins and Hiatt ICU areas. They are Amy Denson (R.N. MICU/ Robins), DeGena Richardson (R.N. Hiatt) and Jana Walker (R.N. MICU/Robins).

People have a tendency to complain about treatment, but it is just as important to praise those who go out of their way to give extra care and services. Moore Regional Hospital is a great place to be when one is ill. Patients also are lucky to choose from a lengthy and gourmet menu.

Marjorie R. Thomas

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and high commendation to the Emergency Department at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital.

We arrived (in Moore County) on Dec. 30. After a sleepless night, my husband was suffering from a severe “belly ache” that I (a Duke nursing graduate) guessed might be a gall bladder problem. Once we were in the Emergency Department door, the service was prompt, highly professional and exceptionally comforting. Everything was explained and cross-checked. An error on Joe’s registered birth date was discovered and corrected. The pain was alleviated. Tests were conducted. The condition was diagnosed and explained. The options were clearly communicated. The process simply could not have been better handled.

We would appreciate your extending our gratitude to those in charge of the emergency services and the individuals who provided them so effectively.

Trish St. Georges
Glenmoore, Pa.