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At the FirstHealth Child Development Center, we believe that all children have unique gifts and each – through the process of experiencing joy, understanding, kindness and enrichment – will reach his or her maximum potential.

Our Commitment is…

  • to provide a stimulating child-oriented environment. Learning centers in each classroom are arranged to offer challenging play, exploration, creativity and success;
  • to provide positive methods of child guidance that promote feelings of self-worth;
  • to develop curiosity and independence in a safe environment;
  • to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

We Believe…

  • that the child’s home is the most important factor in a child’s development. We will always strive to support and complement the family in order to promote the healthy development of the child.
  • that the dignity and worth of each family is important.
  • that loving, trusting and respecting each child makes that child capable of loving, trusting and respecting others.
  • that each child should be supported in his/her development of a positive self-image.
  • that it is important to meet each child’s need for physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth.
  • that the needs of children change as they grow; that programs must respond in content and structure by using the best techniques in early childhood education.
  • that children deserve a nurturing, safe and happy environment, which supports their natural curiosity and desire to learn.
  • that children deserve to have teachers who are capable and caring.
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