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The staff of the FirstHealth Child Development Center provides guidance to help your child develop a positive self-concept. The center’s discipline and behavior guidance is constructive, positive and age-appropriate with the goal to have your child develop internal control of his/her behavior. Staff is prohibited from using any corporal, unproductive, frightening or shaming methods of punishment. Food or beverage is never withheld as a method of discipline.

Our methods of guidance (discipline) take many forms including:

Redirection: We will give your child the option of a different activity if he/she is engaged in unacceptable behavior.
Rule setting: We will use understandable rules for behavior in your child’s classroom.
Positive words: We will tell your child what he/she can do to be successful.
Modeling: We will model appropriate interactions for your child.
Natural consequences: We will help your child to understand consequences of behavior.
Providing choices: We will give your child choices that will encourage him/her to make decisions for himself/herself.
Active listening: We will listen to your child to attempt to understand the reason for unacceptable behavior.
Positive environment: We provide a positive physical and emotional environment that is designed to minimize difficult behaviors.
Renewal/Time-out: We may need to ask your child to sit out of an activity if all other discipline methods fail. This time-out is brief (one minute/year) and is always within a teacher’s sight. The teacher will discuss the behavior with your child, and your child will be allowed to join the group. When the incident is over your child will be treated with the same affection and respect as shown to the other children in the group.

In the extreme case that our efforts do not prove to be effective in ensuring safe and appropriate behaviors for positive interactions at our center, we may, in your child’s and the center’s best interest, require that your child be removed from the program.

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